About Me

After a couple years being mentored by John Lewin, I received my first paid position as a stringer at the Charlotte Sun Newspaper covering local breaking news, sports and town events. I worked there for two years before moving to Tampa to finish my degree in anthropology. While in Tampa, I photographed theater and dance for USF’s College of the Arts.

When I graduated, I moved back home. While freelancing, I began looking for ways to incorporate my anthropology degree with my photography career. After several months, I was offered a job with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a photo archivist. It was a great combination of photography and archiving (my focus was in archaeology, which is primarily a lot of archiving). I was the perfect candidate. It wasn’t long before they realized I could shoot and I began spending most of my time documenting the day to day of the players, coaches and cheerleaders.

It was a rough time for the NFL while they sorted out some discrepancies and due to a near lock out, I was laid off. Shortly later, I was offered my old position back, but I had already left Tampa again and officially started my own photography business. I was shooting assignments, portraits and weddings under the new business. The Buccaneers hired me back for another season through my own business and I attained my first commercial client.

Several years later, I formed Sadie & Kyle with my wife to shoot weddings, engagements and portraits. Shortly after that, I formed ProLocal to photograph commercial and residential real estate. In mid-2016 my family decided to move from my home state of Southwest Florida to Charlotte, North Carolina where we currently reside.

As a photographer, I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot across a myriad of disciplines. It’s always been incredibly difficult for me to compartmentalize each of these disciplines into one business, so over the years I have built other businesses to specialize in certain things. These other projects are listed below. For more questions, be sure to contact me.

Other Photo Projects

Wedding Portfolio

Weddings, portraits, people.

My favorite photography subjects are people. I’ve always loved working with people to create stunning, natural portraits. On this website, I shoot weddings and almost any other kind of portraits including families, seniors, children and more.
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Photos for pros.

I’ve photographed commercial and residential real estate for several years, but in 2015 I began ProLocal, a photography company aimed at realtors and local small businesses. We specialize in professional photography and films to help small businesses sell their services and products, primarily real estate.
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Clients & Published Works

Over the past 12 years, I have created work for many clients both as a staff photographer and as a freelance agent. My work has been printed in many publications across the country. This is a list of just a few clients and publications I have worked with or been featured in.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
University of South Florida’s College of the Arts
University of South Florida (various departments)
Millennium Physician Group
Charlotte Sun Newspaper
USF Magazine
Creative Loafing Tampa Bay
St Petersburg Times
World Magazine
Art*I*Facts Magazine
The Public Asian
The Gazette
Comcast Spotlight
Charlotte County Homeless Coalition
Full Circle PR (for Rack Room Shoes)
Nautilus Pools