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Katryna & James | Wedding FilmOaks of Devonaire | Arcadia, FL

When we decided to venture into wedding videography, we decided to do it big! Katryna and James was one of our first (but not the very first) wedding films and we also shot their photos. At that point Sadie was still shooting with me and she played the role of the primary photographer while I was the only videographer and the second photographer. It was a lot of fun, and further cemented my decision to add wedding films into the mix.

After Sadie decided to step down in order to focus on our growing family, it took me a while to really figure out what direction to take things. Obviously, it would be super hard for me to film and shoot a wedding on my own. Fortunately, I was able to find a really skilled and reliable partner here who will help out moving forward and one day I may book both photos and videos again. For now, we’re focusing on one or the other for our weddings.

Katryna and James were incredible to work with. They’re so fun-loving and laid back. Their outdoor barn venue was super romantic and the reception was just as laid back as they were. We had a ton of fun hanging out in the perfect weather and making some images for them. I hope you love their film as much as I loved making it!

New Film: Millennium Physician Group’s Lab Services

I have been working on a film series for Millennium Physician Group for some time now. They’re a great company who has been accommodating with anything I needed for the project. This film marks a first for me in a lot of ways, but the biggest way is the background music. I hired the incredibly talented Harry Murrell who I met previously through a portrait session for his website. We worked together to create several tracks for the project which makes this the first production I’ve filmed with entirely custom material. From the film and animation all the way to the soundtrack, I was able to either create it myself or work with another artist to produce something I am proud of.

There are more films in the series, which will likely make it to my website in the future and more with Harry’s music as well.