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I began shooting weddings in Florida in 2007. During that time, I had the opportunity to shoot across the east coast in several states from Florida through New York. Eventually my wife, Sadie, joined up with me and we shot weddings together for several years. As our family grew, our responsibilities did too and we changed the structure of our wedding photography side. While I still shoot weddings, Sadie has taken more of a back seat roll and handles album design and custom orders.

My goal for wedding photography was always to capture the event as it happened. For portraits, I never liked the posed, staged photos. I hated cheese, but I loved the natural form love takes on in the candid moment. While I realized posing was a necessity in weddings, I try to do so with as little direction as possible and allow the couple to be themselves in the moment. Many couples have hired us over the years for this exact reason, and I continue to shoot weddings in the same style.

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